Workers Of The World Relax, Universal Automation Hits Google Store

This is highly ironic. Automation and the use of computers has been used to force people out of work as their jobs have been mechanised. Now IT is also being used to help them apply for jobs on Universal Jobmatch. This will no doubt be to the ire of IDS and his squadristi, who demand that every job seeker should spend five hours a day looking for work. It’s also significant that IDS and the Coalition have passed legislation forcing job-seekers to use Universal Jobmatch. Thatcher was adamant that free competition meant choice, but that principle obviously goes out the window when people, if left to choose, would not patronise such a highly flawed government system like UJ. So, legislation is imposed in order to make this piece of government policy appear to be a success. It’s all par for the course for this thuggish and dictatorial government. This new app, however, offers to shift the balance of power a little in this regard to the job-seeker, if only just a little bit.

the void

Universal-Automation1-appIain Duncan Smith’s plans to force claimants to spend 35 hours a week endlessly applying for unsuitable jobs via the DWP’s shoddy jobsearch website have suffered another humiliating blow.

Universal Automation, which was recently released as a trial version, has now been launched in google’s Chrome store and is free to download.  The app automatically applies for jobs on Universal Jobmatch, the Jobcentre website that claimants are often forced to use as a condition of claiming benefits*.

According to the developers the latest version has several new features:

  • You can now set all Universal Jobmatch search parameters in the extension options. We added distance, posting date and job type.
  • The extension will apply for jobs on all pages of search results, not just the first one. To control that, you can set the maximum number of jobs the extension will apply for in a single session.
  • When the extension…

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