Boris Johnson slashes number of deadly sins across London in bid to privatise greed

Some of us can remember the joke on Radio 4 back when Maggie was in power about the new, Tory revision of the Bible. The joke went, ‘In the new, Conservative version of the Bible, Jesus and His Twelve Disciples PLC, the Gospels have been re-written to show Christ whipping the money-lenders into the Temple.’ Well, Maggie’s gone, but the greed’s the same and the joke’s still very relevant.

Pride's Purge


London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced greed and envy are to be sold off to private developers as part of his plans to reduce the seven deadly sins across London to just five.

In a controversial speech on Friday, Mr Johnson revealed he was planning to allow city developers to take over the entire provision of greed and envy in the capital – with the majority of the remaining five vices to be rebranded and officially downgraded from ‘cardinal’ to ‘pretty good’.

The announcement comes only weeks after Mr Johnson also announced a drastic reduction in the number of graces in the capital from three to just one – with Hope and Charity to be axed altogether leaving only Faith to be outsourced to G4S in what one insider described as “a multi-million pound deal”.

G4S has long been regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in the…

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