‘Observations on the Suicide of Jacqueline Harris’: How Do We Send this by the Thousands to the Government

My thanks to everyone who has liked and commented on the pieces about the horrific suicide of Jacqueline Harris in Bristol. My particular thanks to everyone who did so for my piece, ‘Observations on the Suicide of Jacqueline Harris’. I’m glad to have your appreciation for my views on this troubling and tragic death.

One of the commenters, Jaypot2012, has asked the following question:

‘A very eye-opening article and I agree that it deserves a large audience.
Any chance of this being sent by thousands of us to IDS, Cameron, Atos and the DWP?
As you say, they are breaking the law so maybe the House of Lords and the Police should be involved?
IDS has gone far to far and Atos ARE the ones making the decision for our benefits.
I agree that Atos should be closed down immediately and the “tests” stopped, how and what is the best way to do this?’

If you like the article and my observations on ATOS and their paymasters, then by all means send it to IDS, Cameron, ATOS and the DWP. The more the merrier. I suppose the easiest way to do this would simply be to write to the MPs concerned at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, and simply cut and paste the text of my article into the letter, stating that this blogger has raised important points about ATOS and the assessment process, which you want answered. If they have email, you could send them one of these instead, saying pretty much the same. My only concern would be that the DWP would do to everyone writing in what they did to Mike and the other bloggers, who made a FOIA request for information on the number of people who’ve died as a result of ATOS and the DWP. This was turned down as vexatious, because more than one person was making the request. The Department had previously refused the request when it was made by a single individual, because it had only been made by one person and was therefore a waste of resources. Catch 22, and evidence that the Tories are running scared on this issue. But if enough people want to do this, then I think a mass letter-writing campaign is a great idea. I also wonder about the possibility of sending the email to the press to make the same points, as well as follow up letters when we get the inevitable brush-off.

I’ll contact Mike, over at Vox Political, as he’s got a far better grasp of journalism and publicity than me. And any other suggestions from readers here are more than welcome.

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