The single killer question from ATOS that drove a woman to suicide

This is the good Mr Pride’s take on the suicide of that poor Bristol lady. This tells you all you really need to know about how shoddy and unscientific ATOS and its wretched assessments actually are. In my opinion, the questionnaire is a piece of pseudo-medicine, which has absolutely no proper medical, psychological or sociological validity. Its use should constitute a case for prosecution on the grounds of acute medical negligence. If a doctor was to commit as many fatalities as this infamous questionnaire has done, he or she would be struck off and imprisoned. As it is, these butchers and quacks have won contracts worth millions.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s ATOS)

I might have to stop writing satire. It seems I might be giving the wrong people some very bad ideas.

Back in January I wrote a satirical blogpost about ATOS reducing their fit-for-work tests to one question:

ATOS to reduce ‘fit for work’ test to one question: “Are you alive?”

Now it looks like ATOS have decided my blogpost was a good idea.

A partially-blind and disabled woman had her benefits stopped after she attended an interview with ATOS in which she was asked just one question.

And as a result of her one word answer to the question, the woman killed herself:

Bristol woman “killed herself after benefits were stopped”

What was the single question by ATOS’s so-called ‘expert’ which trumped a lifetime of professional doctor’s opinions and supporting medical evidence?

Did you come here by bus?

A killer question indeed.



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2 Responses to “The single killer question from ATOS that drove a woman to suicide”

  1. Mark Potter-Irwin Says:

    Some people in ATOS would have easily got jobs with the Gestapo or the East German Stasi. Exactly the same mentality, callous sociopaths(Sociopaths are people without a conscience. They don’t have the normal empathy the rest of us take for granted. They don’t feel affection. They don’t care about others. But most of them are good observers, and they have learned how to mimic feelings of affection and empathy remarkably well.)

    • beastrabban Says:

      Sadly, I think you’re right. I can remember J.G. Ballard saying on Grave New Worlds on Radio 3 that there were some environments, in which being a psychopath would be a definite advantage for survival. He gave Bosnia during the Yugoslavian civil war as an example. It now seems just as likely to be IDS’ DWP. And as the decision makers’ identities are protected, it seems they do not have to face the consequences of their actions.

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