Brendan O’Neill is a knob

I’ve decided to reblog this piece on Brendan O’Neill’s glib dismissal of suicides caused by benefit cuts as it illustrates the point The Void makes in the article on the suicide by a disabled Bristol lady. The Void sites his comments as showing that to the Right, only the middle class and rich properly feel things. Indeed, in my comments to that article, I pointed to Peter Hitchen’s comments in his Mail on Sunday column. Hitchens believes that prison is too soft due to campaigns against its conditions by members of the middle classes, who were imprisoned and were appalled by the experience. Hitchens states that this is wrong, because prison was not meant for them, but for the working class, who can cope better with such poor conditions and so need a tough deterrent. This presumably explains the deaths that occur in prison every year through suicide. But O’Neill’s comments also indicate something else: just how vile and right-wing much of the Telegraph is. In fact the Telegraph used to be so true-blue Tory that Private Eye called it ‘the Torygraph’. Some of its opinions are every bit as bigoted and nasty as the Daily Mail, yet while the Daily Mail is rightly criticised for its venomous opinions, the same are not denounced when expressed in the Telegraph. The wording in the articles may be milder, and the articles at least ostensibly more balanced, but I also wonder if part of the problem simply isn’t one of class. The Daily Mail is aimed at the lower middle class, while the Torygraph is on a much more elevated social level. It’s therefore easier to resent and attack the Daily Mail for its narrow-minded views, while ignoring the fact that the Torygraph has pretty much the same opinions, because it is couched in milder prose and read by middle class opinion-shapers. Well, stupid, bigoted, poisonous nonsense should be attacked wherever it occurs, and it should make no difference whether the rag spouting rubbish is read by the proles and tradesmen, or white collar financial whizzkids. Perhaps it is more pernicious when it is aimed at the financial elite. They, after all, will press for and organise these policies acceptance long before it is presented to the proles for their automatic adulation.

the void

Brendan O’Neill is a knob.  A professional troll, his ‘edgy’ contrarian views are no more than Kevin the Teenager style outbursts at what he has decided in his little mind represents the British left.

Most Jeremy Clarkson wannabes like O’Neill are reduced to scrawling letters to their local council in green ink complaining about the communist conspiracy at their local swimming baths.  Occasionally they get given a column at the Daily Telegraph where their pub bore invective can be laid out in full view by cynical press barons, dragging them out like freak show performers in the hope of cashing in on that ever elusive click through internet ad revenue.

So we shouldn’t take the opinions of Brenden O’Neill too seriously when he attacks disability and welfare campaigners for caring about the growing number of suicides linked to welfare reform. 

In his latest spittle flecked rant for the Telegraph, O’Neill…

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