Another Tragic Atos Death: RIP Jacqueline Harris

This is, tragically, just one more poor soul added to the hundreds or thousands of other desperate and disabled people, who’ve killed themselves after ATOS defied medical evidence and decided that they were fit for work. I’m reblogging this as it’s especially important to me, as this poor woman comes from my own home town, Bristol. And every word The Void has said here is absolutely correct. Either he or one of the other Left-wing blogs – possibly Another Angry Voice, produced an infamous quote from one of the Tories to the effect that the poor should be more flexible than the rich, as they have less to lose. They really do believe that the working class do feel misfortune and hardship less than the poor. In his column in the Mail on Sunday about a year or so ago, Peter Hitchens declared that prison as a deterrent and punishment for crime had been undermined by middle class activists. He believed that the campaigns for prison reform by middle class left-wingers had made prison too soft. These people had campaigned after they had been imprisoned for their political beliefs, and had found it unbearable. They did not, however, take into account that prison wasn’t meant for them, but for the tough hoi polloi. As a result, according to Hitchens, prison was now longer sufficiently hard to deter those same hoi polloi from turning to crime. Every now and then Private Eye presents the opposite argument to this, in the form of another young person, who committed suicide in prison or a police jail, after being arrested for a trivial offence. There are problems with the prison system, but after listening to some lags working on probation and prison chaplains, I don’t believe that jail is as soft of the Right-wing media would have us believe. The Coalition simply couldn’t care less about the poor. As for Thierry Breton, the head of ATOS, even before he ran that company he was responsible for multiple suicides. He was head of France Telecom when it was being privatised. Thanks to his bullying regime, 35 employees took their own lives. And I believe the Void is absolutely correct when he says that these deaths will not make national news, because they don’t involve a banker or rich celebrity.

the void

atos_kills_bannerA woman stripped of benefits after being found ‘fit for work’ by Atos has taken her own life the Bristol Post have reported today.

According to the newspaper: 

“PARTIALLY-sighted and only able to walk with the aid of a stick, Jacqueline Harris suffered crippling pain due to slipped discs in her back and neck. Her mobility was reduced further when a dog savaged one of her wrists.

“Despite being in agony which strong pain relief could not ease, the 53-year-old was deemed to be fit for work following a government health assessment and told to find a job.

“Her sister claims the verdict that she was ineligible for disability benefits drove her to take her own life earlier this month.”

Predictably both the DWP, and Atos have attempted to wash their hands of the affair.  There will be no apology for this tragic loss of life and Atos claim it…

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