Cameron’s (secret) deal to open immigration door to UAE citizens

Further evidence from Tom Pride on the double standards on immigration practised by Cameron and the rest of the Coalition. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates, a wealthy Arab gulf state, will soon be able to come to Britain without a visa. The poor, meanwhile, will find asylum and immigration to this country increasingly difficult. Mr Pride has put up a couple of particularly telling cases of those threatened with deportation by Cameron’s policies. These were of a hard-working Aussie, who owned her own property, and a seven year-old boy in Liverpool. By Cameron’s standards, these are evil criminals threatening British society. The UAE, I believe, also has the appalling attitude to human rights of the other Gulf Arab states. I’ve also got the impression that its wealth is also based on the extensive use of migrant labour from Pakistan and elsewhere. These workers are very much treated as slaves, even now in the 21st century. The UAE’s citizens, however, are seen as welcome future residents. So, one set of rich exploiters is welcoming in another set. And all so Cameron can sell more Typhoon fighters to their corrupt and oppressive government.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

The coalition government has agreed to open the door for United Arab Emirates citizens coming to the UK as part of a £6 billion deal to sell Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets to the Emirates.

Amazingly, despite the immigration deal being widely reported in the Arab press, the UK press – including the BBC – has completely failed to report that Cameron has waived visa requirements for UAE citizens visiting the UK.

In fact, Cameron’s present visit to the UAE also seems to be mostly unreported in the UK – despite his visit to Sri Lanka being front-page news.

Could it be that visiting Sri Lankan refugees and criticising human rights abuses there is seen to be positive news for the PM – whereas opening the door to immigration from a country with its own human rights abuses in order to secure a defence…

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