Home Office threatens 7-year-old boy with deportation

The mother of the boy at the centre of this story has dual British and Canadian citizenship. The lad himself was born in Canada, and so the immigration authorities have decided that he’s Canadian, and therefore want to deport him. It’s a farcical situation, but unfortunately there have been other, similar instances, in which bureaucrats have tried to deport or block the entrance of minors into a country, while their parents were permitted to enter. Radio 4 about ten years ago broadcast a play by the Nobel prize-winning Nigerian novelist, Wole Soyinka, about the problems he had getting his newborn child through the American immigration system. His wife had become pregnant just after she and he were granted permission to live in the US. However, when the child was eventually born, the authorities attempted to refuse its admission to the US, because it had not been listed alongside Soyinka and his wife in the original immigration application. What we have here is an example of the kind of bureaucratic bloody-mindedness that has resulted in often savage miscarriages of justice down the ages. For example, the French Revolutionary, St. Just, was about to condemn five men to the guillotine as enemies of the Revolution. He was ordered to reprieve one of the men. However, this meant that St. Just could not fulfil his order to execute five men correctly, so he had another, entirely innocent man, taken off the street to join the four so that the correct number could be judicially murdered. Well, the death penalty has gone, but the same mentality apparently lives on amongst some of civil servants in the world’s immigration departments.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A 7-year-old boy has received a letter from the Home Office threatening to deport him.

Here’s the story in more detail from the Liverpool Echo:

Merseyside mum faces prospect of losing seven-year-old son to deportation

It seems, in their desperation to be seen to be reducing ‘net’ numbers of immigration before the next election, the government is not only resorting to deporting NHS health workers, but is now threatening children.

Boy – the Tories and the Liberal Democrats must be getting really really desperate at the thought of losing the next election.


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