Would Michael Gove have unwittingly given Sir Cyril Smith freedom to set up a “paedophile friendly” school?

The point of Hencke’s article is that the current government’s promotion of taking schools out of state control would almost certainly have meant that Cyril Smith would have succeeded in his plan to do the same to Knowl. Hencke’s article reports that Michael Gove is currently opposing legislation demanding that the sexual abuse of children by teachers or other officials or personnel in the school system be reported to the police. Not only is this attitude disgusting in itself, it would also have allowed Cyril Smith and his colleagues, had he succeed, in freely abusing the boys in Knowl with the sure knowledge that they would escape prosecution. Which Smith himself did, for many years. Private Eye reported a few weeks ago that Smith’s abuse of children was so widely known, that one police force was using him as an example of paedophile, who could not be prosecuted. Gove’s own attitude to child sex abuse in schools also raises profound questions about the values in Britain’s public school system. Eton and the other public schools have a reputation for bullying, some of which is sexual in its nature. When ‘Punch’ reviewed Danny Danziger’s ‘Eton Voices’ back in the mid-1980s, they stated firmly that some of the bullying remembered by the old boys interviewed by Danziger was so horrific, that it would immediately have resulted in drastic legal action against the school by the authorities if it occurred in the state sector. As all it all happened in Britain’s leading public school, nothing of the sort occurred, and it seems to have been regarded as simply par for the course. Despite the bullying, all those interviewed agreed they would send their sons there. I’ve a number of friends, who were unfortunately enough to attend some of these elite schools. They experience has left them mentally and emotionally scarred. One friend has a particular hatred of the headmasters of some of these schools because of their complete indifference to the bullying, and the apparent indulgence they gave to paedophile members of staff. Sexual abuse, not just of children, but also of adults, is a very controversial topic. Feminists have campaigned for years for rape to be taken more seriously, with more offenders convicted. I can also remember a gay friend of mine in the 1980s telling me with great disgust about a gay rape trial. It had been stopped by the judge, who then went on to blame the victim. Since then, many police forces have done their best to ensure that gays are treated with the same respect by the force as other members of the public. Gove’s attitude to the sexual abuse of children in schools combined with the extreme tardiness of the public schools to tackle bullying and abuse amongst their pupils, suggest that crimes against children, and the rape or sexual abuse of adults, are not taken seriously by the elite. This is despite campaigns by the late Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickinson against rings of very well placed paedophiles. If this is the case, then it raises grave questions not just about the safety of children in the new schools outside state control, but also whether the victims of such crimes, child or adult, in wider society can ever be sure of the protection of the law and the due prosecution of their attackers.

Westminster Confidential

New disclosures from my excellent Exaro News colleague Nick Fielding reveal that paedophile MP Sir Cyril Smith backed taking the troubled Knowl View special school in Rochdale out of local authority control.
His story based on hitherto unseen official papers shows that Rochdale Council narrowly missed losing local authority control of the school where children were sexually assaulted and the MP was a governor and a regular visitor.
Martin Digan, a care worker at Knowl View, tried to blow the whistle about the abuse. He had just become acting head of care at the residential school for boys with learning difficulties and behavioural problems.
He told Exaro: “It was Smith who was pushing for the school to be controlled by its governors – outside of the local council’s control.”
“It would have become nothing short of a sweetshop for paedophiles.”
Luckily in 1992 under the Tory government of Sir John…

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