Just when you thought Iain Duncan Smith could not stoop any lower……….

This is another example of how vile Ian Duncan Smith actually is. The lady in question is writing about her daughter, a British woman born and bred. She was disabled and supported by her husband, Peter, a Dutchman. She was not in receipt of benefits, though her husband was able to support her after the couple moved to Holland. He, however, died after the couple relocated back to Britain. The lady tried to sort out her benefit problems with the DWP. She also approached IDS as her constituency MP. She then received a letter, sent to her by mistake, which revealed that not only was Smith appealing against the courts’ decision to reinstate her benefits for the third time, he was also trying to have her deported. The man is an utter, utter disgrace, devoid of any kind of morality, liberality or greatness of spirit whatsoever. As an historical observation, Smith’s deceit in telling the lady one thing, while trying to get her deported, would have marked him out in the Middle Ages as the lowest of the low. Feudal society was held together by bonds of personal loyalty, and one of the most frequent terms of abuse in medieval literature is ‘traitor’. To abuse someone’s loyalty, to betray someone was to break the very foundations of civilised society. In the Chronicle of Robert Gloucester in the 13th century, Simon de Montfort, the founder of our parliamentary system, stated that he had fought in France and England, and never encountered any treachery like that in this country. In his view, the English baronage were all untrustworthy traitors willing to stab each other in the back. Well, seven centuries have passed since then, but Ian Duncan Smith still lives down to de Montfort’s views.

Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor

Permission given by those concerned in this article

They have request that this be blogged and that I help in making it go viral so I ask if you agree with what has been published here you too share, blog and retwit as this is a new low of Iain Duncan Smith and I for one am truly disgusted not only with his reply letter that did not even touch base with the issues raised he also chose to pass the buck this smacks of total incompetence.

The person this refers to is a BRITISH CITIZEN indeed she has lived here all her life, was born in Chingford LONDON and is a UK Passport Holder. She has worked here paid her taxes here, however this Govt want to send her to Holland.

The letter I will copy and paste below is a letter sent to Iain Duncan Smith by theā€¦

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