Part Time Workers And Volunteers To Be Hit By Osborne’s Mass Workfare

In this article, Mr Void reports George Osborne’s proposed massive expansion of the ‘welfare to work’ scam, as exposed by the group @refuted, who have uncovered the original tender documents. According to these documents, those leaving the Work Programme will either be placed on daily signings at the Jobcentre, or placed on six months workfare. This will also include people in part-time work, and those doing volunteer work, if their supervisors in the Job Centre decide that this work is not appropriate. The article also shows that the proposed legislation is getting rid of the payment by results clauses, as the scheme’s massive failure to get people into employment is an acute embarrassment. The Void also offers practical advice on combatting this exploitative system. According to him, most of the UK’s best known charities have already withdrawn from the scheme as they do not wish to be associated with its disgusting exploitation of the unemployed. Despite the DWP no doubt wishing to keep the organisations using this unpaid labour confidential, there’s nothing to stop benefit claimants telling people who the organisations using them are. Opponents of the scheme can thus ‘name and shame’ the profiteering companies and organisations involved. There is also one specific part of the new legislation that should be of particular concern to anybody opposed to the way personal freedoms are being eroded by workfare. @refuted and The Void report that even unemployed people, whose benefits have been cut off, may be placed on workfare where they will be expected to work for free, without any pay whatsoever. Many people, myself included, have attacked workfare and the welfare to work policies as a new form of slavery. At the moment, although the system is viciously exploitative, it isn’t quite literal slavery just yet. This piece of proposed legislation comes extremely close to it real slavery, however. If you have individuals forced to work for no payment whatsoever, then this surely comes close to the definition of slavery. I intend to blog further on this real threat to our freedom, and how Osborne’s workfare schemes compare and conform to some of the systems of slavery and forced labour, which have existed historically and which still exist in many Third World nations. One of the books that exposed the existence of global slavery back in the 1990s was ‘Disposable People’, which described absolutely horrific abuse in countries such as Brazil, Thailand, Mauritania and the Gulf Arab states. I believe we are also seeing the emergence of similar systems of exploitation here, to the point where it may be worth contacting anti-slavery organisations such as Anti-Slavery International. In the meantime, this article has done an excellent job of warning us about the programme’s possible expansion, and recommending a course of action against it.

the void

Boycott-workfare-holiday-innDetails of George Osborne’s upcoming – and possibly illegal – mass workfare scheme have emerged and make grim reading for everyone but the companies set to profit from this huge extension of forced labour.

Tender documents unearthed by @refuted reveal the specifications for the six month Community Work Placements scheme which begins in April 2014.  These documents form the basis of a ‘commercial competition’ currently taking place, in which grasping welfare-to-work parasites like A4e and G4S will bid for lucrative government contracts to force long term unemployed people into unpaid work.

Those leaving the Work Programme will either be placed on daily signing at Jobcentres and ‘intensive support’ or face the six month workfare scheme.  This will involve 780 hours of forced unpaid work, over two and a half times the maximum possible community service sentence which can be handed out by the courts.

In some cases this will not…

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