‘Papers, please!’ Harsher laws for immigrants could mean Nazi-style ID checks for British citizens

In this piece, Mike reports and comments on the Coalition’s further attempts to turn Britain into a surveillance society through attempts to force landlords and banks to check the immigration status of customers and tenants. Overseas students would also be responsible for NHS costs for treatment. There are also plans to streamline the deportation appeals process, which Mike believes will, if current practice is any guide, actually mean that the deportation process will become even more unfair. On the other hand, the government has absolutely no intention of increasing border controls, or combat the forced labour or lack of enforcement of the minimum wage under which illegal immigrants have literally been enslaved. The Migrants’ Rights Network has declared that the evidence refutes the government’s argument that immigrants are drawn here by Britain’s ‘generous’ benefits system. The BMA has also said that any system for recovering treatment costs from those not eligible for NHS care would be nightmarishly bureaucratic. The Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association has condemned May’s plan to fine landlords not performing the immigration checks up to £3,000 as unworkable, and ‘intrusive, bullying, ineffective and expensive and likely racist and unlawful to boot’. The Residential Landlords’ Association is also worried about the potential to introduce a 404 type European ID document as part of the scheme. They fear that some landlords would refuse to house immigrants because of fear of being penalised by the government for infringement of this legislation. This has been the fear of such schemes for a very long time, and I intend to blog about this in my next post. In the meantime, a spokesman from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has also attacked the scheme for threatening to divide Britain into a two-tier society, and returning to the days of ‘No dogs, no blacks, no Irish’, and refusing health care to those in genuine need.

Mike Sivier's blog

Theresa May has responded to criticism of her policies on immigrants by revealing her plans for the latest Immigration Bill – countering a threat that is perceived to be much worse than the reality.

Experts say this will require a system of identity checks for everyone, requiring British citizens or those with permanent residence to prove that their own presence in the UK is legal.

In a move that seems designed to appease the Daily Mail and its readers, she wants banks to check the immigration status of people applying to open accounts, and private landlords to make similar checks on their tenants.

You will notice that this means the government wants other people to carry out its responsibilities.

The Home Secretary also intends to “streamline” the appeals process in immigration cases. Under the current government, this word generally means “make less fair”, and this is borne out…

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