Let’s kill the myth that right-wingers merely think those on the left are ‘misguided’

Mike here refutes Dominic Lawson’s bland assertion that the ‘tribal left are driven by hate, whilst the Right merely thinks they are misguided’. He reproduces what Private Eye would call ‘a foam-flecked rant’ from an outraged Right-wing commenter to his blog, attacking Vox Political, the Labour Party, and indeed the entire Left. So confirming Mike’s position on the matter. What also needs commenting on this individual’s rant, is that he asserts that the Right – the Conservatives – are really the Centre. This is another rhetorical strategy imported from across the Atlantic. Right-wing American Conservative blogs, such as Kathy Shaidle’s Five Feet of Fury, strongly urge Conservatives to use terms like this about themselves in order to reclaim the very basis of the argument for themselves. It’s part of the Right’s attempt to normalise the extreme Right-wing policies now enacted in America, Canada and Britain. by denying that they are extremists. In their view, only the Left is extreme. It’s an attempt to block off any retreat to the political consensus of the period before Reagan and Thatcher. It’s another aspect of modern Conservatism that needs to be strongly resisted: they are the Right, and not middle ground, and need to be reminded and exposed for what they are.

Mike Sivier's blog

Dominic Lawson, writing in the Daily Mail (yes, we’re still having fun at the Rothermere Rag’s expense – any objections? I thought not), has told us: “The tribal left is driven by hate.”

Paraphrasing an article he wrote previously in the Sunday Times, he continued: “It is one of the factors tending to distinguish the left in politics from the right, that the former frequently regard the latter as actually wicked, if not evil; whereas most Tories tend to regard the Left as just misguided.”

That is not my experience.

I have found that right-wingers and Conservatives (who tend to claim the middle ground in politics, while still claiming to differentiate themselves from “you lefties”) tend to fall into insults, invective and profanity – hate speech, if you like, with extreme rapidity. It is they who are driven by hate – in my experience – and not those of…

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