The Daily Mail Song by Paul Bicker on Youtube

Just to show that the tradition of writing satirical songs with wit and humour didn’t go with Flanders and Swan and Tom Lehrer, here’s a piece I found on Youtube. It’s by a gentleman called Paul Bicker, responding to the Daily Mail’s allegations about criminality in Welfare UK. I don’t really remember the precise incident to which the song is a reply, but it’s pretty much an accurate summary of the sheer anti-welfare, anti-immigrant bile and its readership in Middle England of the Daily Fail. And there’s a nice line just at the end:

‘If you gave a pen to a chimpanzee
You’d likely get less lunacy’

Here it is:

And if you want to see it on Youtube, where they have the words, it’s at
And played on the uke, it shows that the spirit of George Formby continues to live on!

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4 Responses to “The Daily Mail Song by Paul Bicker on Youtube”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

    Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Having just been criticised for bias by some right-wing passerby, I’m glad to reblog this song, discovered by the Beast on a trawl through YouTube. It shows that the current rising tide of criticism for the Rothermere Rag is not unique – the Mail has been provoking criticism and satirical comment for a long, LONG time!

  2. aturtle05 Says:

    You can trawl YouTube for this, but can’t remember Michael Philpott the bloke with multiple partners with multiple children that burnt six of them in a house fire?

  3. kathiebennett Says:


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