First Mail/Miliband, now Mail/Mehdi – don’t they know two wrongs won’t make them right?

Vox Political again shows the massive hypocrisy and vindictiveness of the Daily Mail. After attacking Millliband’s father, which caused nearly everyone else to gather round the Labour leader in sympathy, they have tried to traduce Mehdi Hassan, the Muslim editor of the Huffington Post’s British edition. Hassan committed the cardinal sin, you see, of beating Quentin Letts, another Mail columnist, in argument on Question Time. Hassan had asked rhetorically who really hated Britain – a Jewish immigrant, who fought for his country in WW II, or the Daily Mail, with its gay-bashing, misogyny, hatred of Muslims and immigrants, and desire to destroy the NHS. So the Mail has tried to attack Hassan in return, reproducing a letter Hassan wrote to them a few years ago, applying for a job. Another own goal! Hassan is not a hypocrite, blithely following the political direction of whoever employs him. He states in his application letter that he is left of centre, and would act as a contrary voice. Mike states that Hassan’s demolition of Letts is brilliant, as for one thing it’s a Muslim praising a Jew, contradicting the received impression that Muslims have nothing but hate for them. Now the anti-Islam right have for a long time targeted Mehdi Hassan. This is ostensibly because he provides a moderate façade, which protects the far more aggressive and extreme elements within Western Islam. I think the real reason is that he’s simply a Lefty, whose arguments against the Conservatives and Republicans regularly strike home. The Conservative and Republican Right therefore cynically play on prejudice against the man’s religion to drum up opposition to him, rather than reveal the real, secular reasons why they despise and fear him.

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131004mailmehdiIt was a virtuoso performance, and one that earned Mehdi Hasan congratulations from Vox Political, just as soon as I could get to a keyboard.

For those who missed it, the panel on BBC Question Time was discussing the Daily Mail‘s veiled attack on Ed Miliband, which cast suspicion on the Labour leader’s motives by questioning those of his late father. It’s about the lowest kind of attack a newspaper could possibly launch – the kind that one might have expected from the News of the World in its latter days.

The piece in question was headlined The man who hated Britain and referred to Ralph Miliband’s “evil legacy”.

Mehdi Hasan, political editor of the Huffington Post‘s UK edition, tussled with Quentin Letts, a political sketch-writer for the Mail – winning the argument (and thunderous applause) with the following:

“Let me ask you a question,” he said…

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