Tory Fascist Lie Machine The Daily Mail Has Met Its Match

In another excellent article, Kittysjones replies to and refutes the latest smear the Daily Heil has made against Milliband by showing how Lord Rothermere and the Mail both supported Oswald Mosley at home, and Hitler’s Nazis in Germany. The newspapers denied reports of Nazi violence, and even serialised the Notorious anti-Semitic forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. She reproduces the Mail’s infamous front page with the headline, ‘Hurrah for the Blackshirts’. She also quotes Milliband’s own right-to-reply article defending his father in the Daily Mail, refuting their smear and defending his father. The Mail’s attack on Milliband’s late father is no accident, nor simply a case of a lone newspaper stepping hysterically out of line. KSJ shows it conforms to the German Marxist cultural critic’s, Theodore Adorno’s, view of the right-wing press as constituting the means by which the capitalist state disseminates its ideology, which normalises the exploitation of the workers and so attacks any ideas and movements running counter to it. She also cites Stan Cohen’s work on moral panics to show how these are used to maintain the established order and marginalise and attack fringe groups believed to be a threat. Milliband is just such a threat, as the current Leveson inquiry shows that the Mail had continued to engage in illegal phone-tapping, along with the other newspapers. She concludes by stating that we need to continue challenging the Conservative ideas constantly spouted by the Right-wing press and media.

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In the 1930s, Theodor Adorno offered cogent criticism of the mass media, stating that it gave rise to ideology by standardising and stereotyping cultural “goods”, and it weakened people’s capacity to think in an autonomous and critical manner. Everyday life becomes  the ideology of “its own [notable] absence”. Put another way, the “news” constitutes a reification of an extremely narrow range of our human experience.

Adorno and the Frankfurt Institute of [Critical] Social Studies generally proposed that this had rendered the public more susceptible to the ideology of Nazism and fascism. The media is simply a way of transmitting ideology, and is a mechanism by which dominant and powerful social groups are able to diffuse ideas which promote their own interests. Louis Althusser regarded the media as an integral part of the ideological state apparatus.

So I had wondered when the right-wing media bullying, character assassinations and lie campaigns against Ed Miliband would…

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