Pride’s Purge on Ralph Milliband’s War Service Compared to Dacre Senior

In this reply to the Heil’s claim that Milliband pere hated Britain, the Purge shows that Milliband was one of that generation of brave young men and women, who did their national service. Like the other soldiers, he physically fought the Nazis and so did his bit, along with so many others, to free Europe of Fascist tyranny. Purge contrasts this with what Dacre’s own father did in the War. The title of Mr Purge’s piece actually says it all: While Ralph Miliband was fighting in Normandy, Paul Dacre’s father was avoiding the front-line. He states

‘In 1944 when the 22-year old Ralph Miliband was bravely risking his life storming German positions protecting the Normandy beaches, Paul Dacre’s 19-year-old father Peter Dacre was working in London as a show business reporter for newspapers such as the Daily Express.

Quite how a fit 19-year-old managed to avoid call-up to the front line at that time God only knows.’

This just about shows the newspaper’s hypocrisy in its slander of a patriot, who fought for his country, while the its editor’s own father avoided national service to cover showbiz. Well, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, as they say, and certainly not when they live in an entire greenhouse.

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One Response to “Pride’s Purge on Ralph Milliband’s War Service Compared to Dacre Senior”

  1. michael lee Says:

    Same throughout society – managers without practical experience – politicians cossetted from reality – media moguls with an axe to grind – people in positions of power box ticking with blinkers on . Inherited wealth creates a toffee nosed attitude leading to greedy grabbing “US and THEM” division throughout society. Hypocracy becomes blatent – [mostly from public school boys] – who see no wrong in applying double standards which alienate the masses

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