Pride’s Purge on Anti-Semitism and the Mail’s Attack on Milliband

The Political Purgative has also weighed in on the Daily Heil’s attack on Millliband, showing that it’s nickname is, unfortunately, no misnomer. Entitled Of course the Daily Mail doesn’t like Ed Miliband. He’s a Jew, Mr Pride shows Lord Rothermre, the newspaper’s founder, standing next to one A. Hitler, formerly of Branau-am-Inn and Linz, Austria, the Bunker, Berlin, and former inmate of Landsberg prison. Politic’s much-needed Emetic remarks ‘Oh come on now, don’t look so shocked.We all know Lord Rothermere – the original owner of the Daily Mail – was a big fan of Hitler. Not just Hitler’s fan – his friend in fact’.

The Purge also shows how the Mail is once again following in its predecessor’s footsteps by supporting yet another Nazi, anti-Semitic party, the Front National in France. Soon all you’ll hear coming from the Mail’s building will be shouts of ‘Sieg Heil!’,and ‘Duce, Duce!’ whenever Lord Dacre holds an editorial meeting. Presumably Dacre’s idea of he company song will be the ‘Horst Wessel Lied’.

The article’s at Read it, and see all your suspicions about the Daily Mail confirmed.

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