Here’s why Labour needs to go a lot further to win back our trust

Mike here exposes Unum as the real problem behind the British benefits system. They are currently sponsoring an event on British welfare policy organised by the Labour party under Anne Maguire. This is an invitation-only event. They have already sponsored similar events for the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. It is Unum that is behind the privatisation of the British National Insurance system and is currently running an ad campaign to get the British people to take out more insurance. These people are shysters. They were responsible for developing the assessment system that has seen severely disabled people declared ‘fit for work’ by Atos. This was in order to avoid paying out on their customers insurance claims. The company has been prosecuted several times in America because of the fraudulent nature of its policies. Now the Labour party seems intent on feting them too. Right-wing conspiracy theorists, please note: in America the Fabian Society is a source of massive paranoia amongst the extreme Right because of they way it historically acted as a political pressure group, not formally part of any party, as it tried to influence both of the then two main political parties, Liberals and Conservatives, towards Socialism. Eventually the Society gave up this policy and formally entered the Labour Party. Unum, however, and corporations like them are the organisations that now continue that policy, and should arose the suspicion of conspiracy watchers. Instead of fretting about the Fabians, try worrying about the real dangers posed by multinational capital instead.

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Only days after Ed Miliband announced a Labour government would sack Atos, the party’s conference is hosting an event part-funded by the architects of the ‘work capability assessment’ administered by that company – the criminal American insurance giant Unum.

‘New thinking on the welfare state’ is a fringe event taking place at the Labour conference on Monday, September 23, organised by the right-wing thinktank Reform (which has Unum as one of its funders) and sponsored by the Association of British Insurers (which includes Unum among its members). Does anybody doubt that it has been arranged in order to give Unum a chance to influence high-ranking party members? No?

Then consider: This is a private round-table policy seminar, staged by Anne McGuire MP. Rank and file Labour members aren’t invited – attendance is by invitation only. Can you smell a rat? Still no?

The event has already been staged at the…

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