Labour and Atos – is it a distraction from the main issue?

This is the follow-up to Mike’s previous post on the subject. He states that any sacking of Atos will only be cosmetic if Labour continues the present, Conservative policies in the DWP. These should be ended, and the real malign influence, Unum, should also be thrown out of government. This is much more difficult issue for Labour, as it was New Labour, who introduced them in the first place, and many Right-wing Labour MPs are probably no doubt looking forward to jobs on their board after their career as MPs ceases. Nevertheless, Unum’s contract with and influence on government should be stopped immediately. In the meantime, the news that Labour intends to get rid of Atos is extremely welcome. It indicates that in this respect, at least, Labour is at last beginning to listen to the people who really matter, not some rich and complacent corporate policy wonk or parasite.

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Having had time away to think about this, it has occurred to me that in discussing whether Labour is right to say it will fire Atos – or whether it will even fulfil that promise – we are barking up the wrong tree.

Atos does what the DWP tells it to do. We can all say it does this work very badly, but that would be splitting hairs. The orders come from the Department.

Getting rid of Atos won’t make any difference if the policy stays the same – and Labour’s record on social security has not been good since neoliberal ‘New Labour’ took office in 1997.

So I reckon more pressure needs to be exerted on Mr Miliband and his front bench, to expel all traces – not only of Atos, but of Unum, the real influence, and to put forward a new policy that is, above all…

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