Is This Why The NSA Want To Read Our Emails?

In this video, James Corbett discusses the threat to individual liberty posed by increased government electronic surveillance. He specifically describes the acquisition of personal data by the NSA’s ‘Sentient World’ program, a giant computer simulation that uses personal information and current news to predict responses in real time to various crises, such as hurricanes and bio-terrorism attacks. The simulation is also available for private companies to lease, so they can simulate and predict public reception of a new product, for example. The nodes in the computer system are already at one to one level – that is, individual citizens have now been represented in the system as a single node. This clearly represents a significant threat to the freedom and privacy of the individual, but too few people are aware of it. This needs to change so that the government agencies can be held properly accountable, and the balance of power between the government and individual can change in the individual’s favour.

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