The True Nature of American Healthcare

The Republicans over in America and the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives in Britain are doing all they can to undermine and discredit Britain’s NHS. The Coalition is introducing legislation which will eventually lead to its privatisation. The Republicans in America hope to discredit it as a way of attacking ‘Obamacare’. You can read in the Right-wing papers and magazines articles claiming that the American private health care system is far superior to the NHS. The poster below shows the true reality for an increasing number of Americans.

Haeg Medical Bill

Since the 1970s the cost of medical insurance in the US has massively inflated. About seven per cent of Americans are now unable to afford medical insurance. President Clinton expressed concern back in the 1990s when ten per cent of the American public couldn’t afford it. The costs of medical treatment is the single largest cause of bankruptcy in America. A friend of mine, who trained as a doctor, and whose family includes economists and financial workers told me that, contrary to the public propaganda, many American hospitals are already being effectively funded by the state as the fees charged cannot cover the true costs of treatment.

The above post comes from page 17 of Greg Palast’s expose of the corrupt, profiteering nature of the Bush presidency, its invasion of Iraq and attacks on the American welfare system, Armed Madhouse. it was used with permission of the Haeg family. America is a great nation and it has a great people. They’re enterprising and hard working. The neighbourliness and willingness to do something to help a tragically injured young woman is admirable. It shows the very best of the American character. We could do with more it.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that ordinary, decent folks should not need to go to the friends and neighbours because they can’t pay their medical bills. They should be able to count on the aid of the state to cover the costs when they are unable to do so.

Don’t be misled by the Conservative and Liberal propaganda. The Conservatives and Liberals wish to privatise the NHS and have extensive personal links with the companies seeking to profit from its abolition. If they continue with their reforms, you will see people over here denied medical treatment because they cannot afford it. And unlike this young woman and her family, they won’t have such great neighbours to help them out.


Greg Palast, Armed Madhouse (London: Penguin 2006).

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