The Ambassadors Of Terror: The Deadly Hypocrisy Of Western “Diplomacy”

This is another piece from Sparaszczukster’s blog that needs to be read far more widely. It details how the Republican administration of Ronald Reagan set up death squads in South and Central America, and argues that the same tactic is now being used by the American intelligence services in Iraq. It also points out that the Jihadist forces are intent on massacring Christians and Alawites, amongst others. This really does need to be brought to the attention of the general public. The rebels have been presented to the Western public as an essentially Liberal opposition. The reverse is true. They are mostly Jihadists, and only a minority of them are Liberals. So far only the anti-Islam groups and blogs appear to have acknowledged this fact. They, however, are Right-wing Republican in political orientation, who believe that Obama really is a Muslim intent on undermining American democracy and enslaving its people. I don’t believe this is true. This post shows that the American intelligence services have backed extremist groups, that have massacred and martyred Christians since Reagan. The post mentions the murder of Bishop Oscar Romero and four nuns in El Salvador in the 1980s. They were killed by a death squad under the monetarist, free-market dictator then supported by Washington. The murderous free-market dictatorships in South and Central America, and their death squads were presented to the American public as morally righteous freedom fighters, defending their peoples from enslavement from Godless Communists. Reagan himself called the Contras in Nicarague ‘the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers’. A strange and odious comment. Despite being called upon to do so, George Washington steadfastly refused to be a military dictator. Massacres of civilians were committed by both sides during the American Revolution. However, it was to a far lesser extent than in later Revolutions, such as the French or Russian. Indeed, arbitrary government without constitutional checks and popular government was precisely what they were rebelling against. As for Bishop Romero, he was hardly a Communist. He went to Nicaragua as a man of the Right. He was moved to speak out because of the corruption and oppression perpetrated by the Salvadorean regime. After his murder, the words ‘Be a patriot – kill a priest’ in Spanish were scrawled on the walls of his church. This was the martyrdom of a man of faith by the extreme monetarist Right. Far from Obama being anti-Christian, the American political establishment from Reagan’s administration has been entirely content to massacre Christians, as well as other people of different or no faith, in order to advance their geopolitical aims.

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As the puppet leaders of the US, Britain and France exploit every opportunity to spin the UN chemical weapons inspectors’ report into a web of undeniable proof that Bashar Al Assad holds the smoking gun that gassed his own people perhaps we should step back and take a long look at the recent history of Western behind-the-scenes involvement in bringing down inconvenient governments.

Before-serving-your-country-first-learn-who-your-government-is-serving The following article by Professor Michel Chossudovsky goes a long way in explaining the current situation in Syria and provides us with more than enough reasons to have grave doubts about what our vainglorious leaders are insisting is the truth about the infamous gassing of civilians in Damascus on 21st August and why we should believe their fervent claims to care about the welfare of Syrian refugees.

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Terrorism with a “Human Face”: The History of America’s Death Squads: Death Squads in Iraq and Syria…

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