No, up YOUR coding! Why the ‘45% more NHS deaths’ is nonsense

The Skwawkbox once again does an excellent job of demolishing the specious propaganda against the NHS, specifically the mendacious claims of Prof. Jarman that there are 45 per cent more deaths in the NHS than in the American system. Not only does post show the claim to be untrue, it also details the way the corrupt nature of the American system means that their mortality statistics are regularly falsified. This needs to be read by everyone. Make no mistake, Jarman’s statistics are propaganda. They are being used over here to push the piecemeal privatisation of the NHS by the Tories and their Libdems accomplices. In America it’s being used to attack Obamacare. This needs to be read, before anyone automatically believes what’s repeated about the death rates in the media.


Please share this widely. The NHS is under propaganda attack yet again – the lie has a head start and the truth needs to catch up.

Apologies to everyone that I’ve been quiet for the last week or so. The arrival of my new granddaughter , but especially the everyday exigencies of trying to put bread on the table since I started my own company with a colleague with the aim (among others) of gaining more flexibility to write, have taken just about every waking hour for a while.

But I’ve been dying to write, about a number of topics – especially the NHS. I’ve wanted to write this post since last week – and I’ve been grinding my teeth in frustration at the patent and utterly irresponsible rubbish once again being pushed about the NHS based on that most vaporous foundation: HSMR mortality statistics.

It was claimed – predictably…

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  1. skwalker1964 Says:

    Reblogged this on The SKWAWKBOX Blog and commented:
    It’s an odd thing to reblog a reblog of your own post, but Beastrabban’s comments here are so apposite and so on point that I had to put them up on my blog for you to read. I trust you’ll forgive the circularity and find it worthwhile!

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