Another Angry Voice on the Delusional Liberal Democrats

The Angry Yorkshireman has posted up another piece commenting on the declaring by the Libdem MP, Sarah Teather, that she intends to resign after the next election in protest at the party’s betrayal of Liberal values. The Angry One raises the following very good questions about her proposed resignation:

‘If she is truly opposed to the illiberal tendencies of the coalition government, why doesn’t she resign immediately, rather than hanging on as a Lib-Dem MP until 2015? If she doesn’t want to quit parliament before her time is up, why doesn’t she quit the Liberal Democrat party, cross the floor and serve out her time as an independent, or join a genuinely left-liberal party like the Green Party (if they would even have her after her decision to oppose equal rights for gay people)?

Another question is why now? I mean, it was absolutely obvious that the Lib-Dems had abandoned any pretence at being a liberal party when they backed the fascistic Justice and Security “secret courts” Bill earlier this year. Sarah knew all about this betrayal of the liberal values that the Lib-Dems misleadingly continue to advertise in their name. In fact, she was one of the few Lib-Dem MPs with the requisite liberal values to vote against her party backing of this Kafkaesque legislation back in March 2013. Why has she waited until the week before the Lib-Dem conference to announce her resignation, when March 2013 was clearly a better moment.’

Her statement has provoked a storm of indignation from the Clegg loyalists, who still seem to see their party as centre left, despite its adoption of extreme Right-wing, and in the case of the secret courts, Fascistic policies. He goes on to state that the Libdem President, Tim Farron must be extremely deluded to continue to think of themselves as a centre left party after they have adopted the following policies:

‘•Further commodification of university education through the introduction of £9,000 a year fees (the highest public university fees in the World).
•Privatisation of huge swathes of the NHS (much of it into the hands of Tory party and Liberal Democrat donors).
•The introduction of ridiculous immigration rules that openly discriminate against British citizens and their families on purely economic grounds.
•Retroactive amendment of Workfare legislation in order to rob thousands of people of the compensation they deserved for having been unlawfully stripped of their benefits (legislation designed only to save Iain Duncan Smith from having to resign in disgrace).
•The introduction of Kafkaesque secret courts.
•The destruction of Legal Aid.
•The introduction of numerous house price inflation Ponzi schemes to funnel even more taxpayers’ cash into the private sector.
•Giving Britain’s 13,000 Millionaires an average £100,000 a year tax cut in the very same week that some 800,000 of Britain’s most vulnerable families were first hit with “Bedroom Tax”.
•The introduction of numerous bits of pro-corporate, anti-worker legislation.
•Support for moves to retroactively amend the terms of existing student loans to hike the interest rates so that the Student Loans Book can be flogged off to the banks (at an enormous long-term loss to the taxpayer).
•Governing during the longest period of deliberate wage repression in recorded history.
•The introduction of gagging legislation to silence criticism of the government by charities, trade unions, protest groups, religious organisations and community groups, whilst allowing the right-wing press to continue openly propagandising for the Tory party.
•Privatisation of the Post Office, despite widespread public opposition.’

The article is at

The Libdems effectively threw out any Liberal values they had when they leapt into forming the Coalition with Cameron. In one of my last posts on Syria, I included Tom Lehrer’s ‘Send in the Marines’, as, after about half a century, it was still an excellent comment on the current situation and the political use of military force. I include here another of Lehrer’s songs, this one aptly describing the current moral stance of the Libdems: ‘Selling Out’.

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6 Responses to “Another Angry Voice on the Delusional Liberal Democrats”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

    Reblogged this on Vox Political.

  2. First Night Design • Rogues & Vagabonds Says:

    Hear, hear! Nobody says it better than Lehrer, either.

  3. mybeautfulthings Says:


  4. psychjim Says:

    Has anyone noticed that over the years we have the highest level of political apathy we’ve ever experienced in history? I, for one, am sick of hearing people say that “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, they’re all in it for themselves!” Nice piece of social engineering, that. It means that things can only get worse. Two problems are highlighted by this state of affairs: 1) Who CAN people vote for? And 2) How do we get people out to use their vote?

    Most people actually bothering to blog, or comment on these issues, feel that their integrity is being questioned constantly by the media. So they JUST blog and comment! I’m knocking on a bit, now. But I don’t remember any government, including the atrocious Thatcher regime, as far-right as these thieves and organised crime bosses. Yet no-one seems to be standing in their way. Not even the Unions. Lots of ‘tut-tutting’ and shaking of heads, but no action. There are no genuine left-wing socialist groups that have made any headway since the 1970s. The Greens, much as I admire SOME of their rhetoric, are not wholly suited to the left for many reasons. For one thing, they still buy into the idea that “investment brings wonderful rewards” for an economy. It doesn’t. It can hasten the end of an economy! What’s remaining of the left are a few academics writing interesting, thought-provoking books and articles, but there are no Jarrow Boys, or “Dagenham Ladies”, or the poor protesters who sacrificed their lives at Peterloo! Laws preventing peaceful assemblies do allow us to get together and make our point. But no-one seems to care enough about the atrocities that are becoming a daily event in this country.

    Just as an aside – a friend of mine, with very little money, went to London to protest over the burial of Thatcher in her glorified triumphal manner expecting to see an ocean of like-minded protesters. Given that he lives on a tight budget, this was a big thing for him. But, as can be seen from the news reports, the whole thing proceeded unhindered!

    Apathy will sink us! The rich elite will walk away with the family jewels right under our noses and no-one will do a damn thing except shake their heads and moan.

    Great piece from you, here though!

  5. Ann Mulqueen Says:

    I feel myself to be a socialist, however we live in a capitalist society, where wealth means more than the well being of society as a whole.. There are far more right wing newspapers than left wing, and mud sticks when it is thrown enough! I feel disillusioned because I feel that the Labour Party did not do enough to tackle the loopholes that the rich could jump through to avoid paying their due taxes. I am especially disillusioned with the lib/dems who on paper before they were elected seemed more left wing than labour. Only to join the Tory right proving power for it’s own sake was all they wanted. I just wish there was a party who I could believe in who actually meant what they say and had the courage to own up when they made mistakes. So it is not surprising that many people feel disillusioned and bamboozled by all the propaganda.

    It’s gone beyond anger, it’s despair of politicians acting on behalf of the people instead of pursuing power for their own egos at the detriment of everything that stands in their selfish way of grandisement-, to go down in history as someone great. When in fact they all have a lot of blood on their hands, by the policies they have made, which are just as corrupt as they countries they are at war with. They made the bullets for these countries to fire. Proving it’s all about money not people.

    I would like a party to be in power who I could trust and believe in wholeheartedly! On paper that seems to be the Green Party but who knows what they would actually do to change things for the better?

  6. psychjim Says:

    @Ann Mulqueen – I feel your despair and concur. However, do not let that stop you voting for the only party that has a chance of kicking out these Tory gangsters. Once that particular goal has been achieved, we can then use our votes in local elections to build left wing strength – be it the Socialist Party or the Greens, or whatever. We have to give ourselves a baseline. A vote for Labour is a clear indication that we do not accept the con that is “austerity”. There will ensue the obligatory by-elections and we vote in them also. Choosing the most left-wing candidates who are proposing economic reform in this country. Look around the web and see that this austerity con has caused mayhem in the EU. The capital flight from Spain is the worst in their history. Germany’s poverty levels have reached pre-war figures. Greece and Cyprus – well do I need to go on? It doesn’t work! The evidence is all around us. The super-rich “wealth-creators” (ha ha!) are just sucking money from every economy and putting it all in tax havens. But we have to unite. Forget about the minor issues that are fed to us from the Murdoch Empire – immigration, benefit scrounging, pension burden, terrorism and the like and concentrate yourself, and everyone you know, on to the one task – get the Tories out! Then we all work from the bottom up to put Milliband on his toes! The only chance we have of changing things is to do it ourselves. Don’t be governed, be the governors!

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