Proof that ATOS expect people with incurable conditions like cerebral palsy to “get better”

The Left-wing satirical website, Pride’s Purge, once again prove that the monumental incompetence and casual cruelty of ATOS is beyond satire. It presents a reply a woman, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has had from them. They state they expect her condition to improve. I’ve no doubt that if ATOS were a genuine doctor, instead of a private enterprise government bureaucracy, they’d be staring at a malpractice suit a very long time ago. Actually, that may not be a bad idea. After all, there is supposed to be legislation protecting people from fake doctors and quacks. If individuals can be brought before the law for medical imposture and negligence, then so, I strongly suggest, should corporations. Particularly ATOS.

Pride's Purge

(it’s not satire – it’s ATOS!)

I’m not a doctor. I have no medical qualifications.

But I do know cerebral palsy is an incurable condition.

Which means I’m clearly more informed about medical matters than some of the doctors working for ATOS.

Amy has cerebral palsy but she has been told by a so-called health professional working for ATOS that she has to be reassessed every 6 months because her disability is expected to get better.

Here it is in black and white:

ATOS cerebral palsy expected to get better

What next? Reassessments of people with missing limbs in case they’ve grown back?

Of course, some people would say that this is yet more proof of the incompetence of the medical staff employed by ATOS.

Or maybe this is proof that the government is using ATOS – for purely political reasons – simply to make life more difficult for people with genuine disabilities to claim benefits?

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