Another Angry Voice against Military Action against Syria

The irate Yorkshireman on the Another Angry Voice website has also published three pieces criticising the government’s call for attacks on Syria. In the first, ‘William Hague and the Questions He Doesn’t Want You to Ask’, he presents evidence casting doubt on Assad’s responsibility for the chemical weapons attack. This includes the statement of one of the UN investigators, Carla Bruni, that the attack was Sarin gas used by the Syrian opposition. This article’s at

He has also published another important piece arguing that it is not simply the case that there are only two options, either attack Syria, or do nothing. Instead, the government should be aiming for a negotiated peace settlement between Assad and the rebels. This should be in concert with the rest of the international community, including Russia. This is a real strategy to stop the bloodshed in Syria. Unfortunately the media, including the BBC, have not mentioned this third option at all. In my opinion, the Angry One’s suggestion is the only sane option for peace. There seem to be extremely strong, vested interests acting to suppress this, however. Regrettably, I can see our governments once again demanding we attack another, sovereign state for reasons that have nothing to do with the pretext they advance. The Angry One’s article is at Again, this is a piece that deserves to be read.

Lastly, he has written a piece noting the petulance and ill-grace with which Cameron reacted when his bill to attack Syria was defeated in the Commons. This is at, which shows the childish character of infantile spite of the current Coalition administration.

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