DWP denials: They would kill you and call it ‘help’

This is another excellent piece by my brother, Mike, over at Vox Political. It shows the government’s lying again about the ATOS contract. Contrary to what their new spokesman, Mark Hoban, would have us believe (and what happened to the proper Disability minister, Esther McVey?) ATOS’ contract is framed so that they do not take into account any additional information from medical professionals. The only opinion that matters is that of ATOS. And ATOS’ contract with the government makes them exempt from healthcare regulations. Once upon a time, when thriller writers thought of an out-of-control government agency, responsible for the deaths of millions under a Right-wing administration with complete contempt for democracy and the rule of law, it was the CIA under Richard Nixon. Well, Watergate is history and Nixon has gone the way of all flesh. The baton of corrupt, murderous organisation has gone from the spooks to ATOS and the Conservatives. I hope it won’t be too long before they meet with Nixon’s fate.

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Who do you believe about the Work Capability Assessment?

Not the government, obviously.

You may have missed this – because it hasn’t been reported widely in the mass media – but a quiet row has been running for several months, concerning the collection and use of medical evidence to support applications for Employment and Support Allowance, the benefit people taking the WCA have applied to receive.

The government – whose spokesman appears to be Employment Minister Mark Hoban rather than Esther McVey, the Minister who is actually responsible for Disabled People – insists that decisions are made after consideration of all medical evidence supplied by claimants, and that they can provide further evidence during the reconsideration process or appeals.

But there is a mountain of evidence that this is a load of bunkum.

Back in 2010, an ex-military claimant, ‘Mrs S’ wrote a damning report on the service at…

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2 Responses to “DWP denials: They would kill you and call it ‘help’”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

    You refer, I hope, to Nixon’s fate as described by the Godfather of Gonzo, Hunter S Thompson, as in: “He wanted a burial at sea; they should have flushed him down the river with the rest of the t…”

    Well. You get the idea.

  2. jeffrey davies Says:

    no show how many even they now the public would wake up to whot they call looking after the sick disabled on welfare but their love we can do without killing more every day with their caring ways ids and the rest reminds me of that film coma were you go in and don’t wake up organs given to the rich perhaps this is were its heading we shout out but that 99percent who aint rich are still sleeping leaving them to deny they doing the sick in jeff3

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