Laughter from the Decaying Post-Communist Order

Z Cartoon

I found this cartoon from a 1991 edition of the American radical/Left magazine, Z, in issue 21 of the parapolitics magazine, Lobster. I think it’s intended as a comment on the horrific poverty many Russians experienced during the economic meltdown following the fall of Communism under Yeltsin. Then everything was privatised, and millions laid off in an attempt to modernise and restructure Russian industry without the state putting into place any kind of welfare safety net for those affected. The economy more or less collapsed, and there were stories of Russian factories paying their workers in kind as the whole financial system broke down.

It’s also a grim comment on the wonderful, capitalist society in which Cameron and his cronies wish to usher. Communism was a dystopian system in which people were deprived of their political rights, and worked in a decaying, inefficient economy where only the privileged political class had access to quality goods and services. And the difference with Cameron’s vision of a fully privatised, Conservative Britain is ..?

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One Response to “Laughter from the Decaying Post-Communist Order”

  1. sparaszczukster Says:

    By some strange coincidence decay was also the theme of my blog post yesterday- – not of a communist regime but the supreme capitalist United States. You make a crucial point when you say there’s not much to choose between two states that end up with such stark contrast between the ruling elite and the barely subsisting poor…I’d be interested to know if you’ve ever come across evidence in history of a human society that has managed to avoid such a fate…

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