UK On Fast Track to Third World Status Says US Commentator.

Another interesting piece from the Sparaszczukster. It reports the view of a US commentator that Britain really is becoming a Third World country. It’s shameful and terrifying reading. Unfortunately, this seems to be simply another episode in a long chain of events beginning with Thatcher. I was taught at school in Geography that Britain’s economy was similar to that of the nations of the Developing World in that it was strongly based on a single primary industry – North Sea oil. Viewers of the BBC’s Horizon science programme may remember the edition entitled, ‘Icon Earth’. This discussed the use and impact of the image of the Earth from space taken by the Apollo astronauts returning from the Moon. It was controversial, with some viewers complaining that it was really a religious or political programme. The show discussed the issue of globalisation as part of the way this iconic image had been used to illustrate and create notions of a single world. One of the programme’s talking heads was an Indian political activist, who predicted that despite Western governments’ attempts to control immigration from the Developing World, islands of Third World poverty would appear in their closely guarded borders. ‘Icon Earth’ was broadcast in the 1990s. Two decades later we are being shown that her prediction is coming true.

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_69113648_69113647  the living conditions of people living here…

He caused them but he doesn’t have to put up with them.  

Read what an American observer thinks of Breadline Britain… 



Force-Fed UK Austerity

By Stephen Lendman

Since 2008, America, Britain and other European nations force-fed austerity harshness. Neoliberal and imperial priorities take precedence.

Bankers, war profiteers, other corporate favorites, and privileged elites alone benefit. Ordinary people lose out entirely. Public needs go begging. Human misery grows. Things go from bad to worse. Nothing ahead looks promising.

Britain made things harder. Parliament imposed the largest welfare cuts in modern times. More on them below.

They come when Prime Minister David Cameron wants UK nuclear defenses upgraded. He wants billions of pounds spent doing so. He claims Britain faces threats that don’t exist. An “ultimate weapon” is needed, he says.

His Daily Telegraph op-ed…

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One Response to “UK On Fast Track to Third World Status Says US Commentator.”

  1. Ilíon Says:

    At the same time, it appears to me that you strongly support many, if not most, of the leftist policies — and certainly the mindset behind them — that are destroying Britain and England.

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