Slave Britain: Food or #energy? Millions have to choose. The government answer: LIE! (#poverty #welfare)

Another excellent article from Order of Truth, reporting the figures that an increasing number of people in Cameron’s Britain are being faced with the stark choice of either feeding themselves or heating their homes. And as usual, faced with statistics they don’t like, the Tories’ response is to make some vague promise about forcing the power companies to lower their prices, which are then quickly forgotten.

Order Of Truth

Old lady keeps warmOver 3.5 million people are in fuel poverty in Britain, having to spend at least 10% of their household income on powering and heating their homes. The unjustifiable high cost of energy means people on low incomes and benefits are hit hard, and have to choose between spending their meagre resources on fuel or food.

The use of food banks has nearly doubled over the summer school holiday as parents try to feed children who would normally receive free school meals.

The Trussell Trust, the largest operator of food banks in the UK, told the Independent that this is the busiest summer since it was founded in 1997.

With 13 million people living below the poverty line, and rising food prices, the trust’s 18 food banks around the country have seen a doubling of referrals from frontline workers, such as GPs and social workers.

The trust provides three days’…

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