Over 8000 Children Face Homelessness Due To Benefit Cap … And It’s Barely Even Begun

This is another important and deeply disturbing piece from Mr. Void. It’s disgusting that in modern Britain, a Britain which, so we are told, has one of the strongest economies in the world after America and Japan, children are going to be made homeless because of policies designed by the Tories and Lib Dems to favour the extremely wealthy. Way back in the 1950s the Beeb caused a storm over the plight of homeless families with the play ‘Kathy Come Home’. It started a debate and further action to try to remedy the situation. All that has been forgotten, and I wonder if we can ever expect the Beeb to dare to broadcast a similar piece of social realism with Cameron and the Tories whining about its ‘liberal bias’.

A few weeks ago Panorama did a very distressing programme on the horrors of homeless families in America. This was the American dream as Nightmare. The Coalition admires American capitalism and the transatlantic Right’s destruction of their minimal welfare system. Believe me, it’s coming here. These 8,000 poor sprogs are only the beginning.

If you ever needed a reason to despite Cameron, Clegg and the other bland, smooth-talking scions of class privilege and hypocrisy, here are 8,000.

the void

homeless kidsOver 8000 children are staring homelessness in the face this Summer due to the vicious benefit cap which punishes parents for the astronomical rents charged by landlords.

Recently released statistics show that 1,621 families in the London boroughs of Bromley, Croydon, Haringey and Enfield have had benefits cut by over £50 a week meaning homelessness is virtually inevitable.  A further thousand have lost up to £50 a week, which combined with other benefit changes means many of them will also also be unable to pay the rent.

Most of those having benefits capped are larger families and statistics show over 8000 children will be affected.  Families are likely to be forced into temporary, and often more expensive, accommodation to await relocation elsewhere in the UK.  According to the DWP themselves families are expected to head for the seaside towns in South East England or the Home Counties.  A recently released…

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One Response to “Over 8000 Children Face Homelessness Due To Benefit Cap … And It’s Barely Even Begun”

  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    cams reply hes a Christian well his way will break up familys costing millions more how is this right Christian he doesn’t now the meaning of it more like hes supping with old nick

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