Cameron would enslave you – that is his ‘compassionate Conservatism’

This is another excellent article from my brother, Mike. It clearly demonstrates how the Coalition are taking us straight back to the Victorian era without a second look. The 14 hour day was the standard working day in the early 19th century, before reformers like Lord Shaftesbury tried to pass legislation reducing it for women and children. The 8 hour day, that Cameron and the rest of his class are trying to overturn, was only won through a lot of campaigning by the unions and the socialist parties all over the Europe.
As for the use of foreign terrorists as the rationale to have Britain’s commitment to international human rights’ legislation revoked, this is also in line with the course taken by the American Neo-Con Right. They have consistently rejected the UN and its ability to challenge American exceptionalism since the 1980s. This enabled Reagan to endorse and support some of the nastiest dictators thrown up in Latin America and brutal Right-wing guerrilla movements like the Contras in Nicaragua. Today the bogeyman is radical Islam. The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation is seeking to or has managed to persuade the UN the pass legislation condemning Islamaphobia as a crime against humanity. The American Right is using this to argue that such legislation will be used to outlaw any criticism of Islam, and permit the imposition of Sharia law in the US. As a result, the UN is attacked and criticised. If you look at some transatlantic Conservative sites, you’ll find that Islam and stories about atrocities committed by Muslims form a major part of their coverage. It’s a form of distraction, intended to divert attention away from the domestic problems created by illiberal and cruel attacks on the poor, unemployed and working class in the homeland itself. And Cameron is doing likewise here, supported by his cronies in the papers.

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It seems certain people are starting to think in some extremely self-defeating ways – opening themselves up to exploitation by our government of millionaires.

Look at this, from a Facebook thread started by a person asking when it became normal for working people to be asked to do 14-hour shifts. He said it seemed that companies were cutting down on staff and doubling everyone’s hours up, because it is cheaper, and voiced the opinion that making anyone work that long is barbaric.

In response, another person wrote: “A job is a job. I’d do anything to get one. Even if it was 14 hours a day… No one wants to hire complainers. There’s plenty of people who would work for pennies.” Worst of all (because it shows a lack of awareness that is staggering: “I’d rather keep my family fed, clothed and warm than worry about me.”

This person clearly…

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