Street Democracy on the Privatisation of the Blood Bank Service to Private Equity Company, Bain

Street Democracy has the story from the Independent about the government’s sale of the NHS’ blood bank to Bain, an American private equity company. The story can be read here:

This story shows the continuing piece-meal privatisation of the NHS. It’s also part of the Neo-Liberal programme, pursued by New Labour under Blair, of selling essential services to the financial sector. Private Eye noted that the troubled care homes, which were at the centres of scandals involving the abuse of their inmates by staff, were actually owned by financial companies. The Eye wondered what these knew about caring for the handicapped and vulnerable. Their concern is, obviously, about making a profit, and this one area where the profit-motive alone isn’t sufficient for running a company, and may even be an obstacle to providing an effective service.

There are fears that the number of blood donors will drop if people feel they are only giving their blood to boost a company’s profits. Blood donation is an act of public service and altruism. When people feel that organisations are profiting from their charity and a donation from their own bodies, they are rightly furious. I can remember there was outrage a few decades ago when the government of the day announced that it had sold off some its stock of blood for a profit.

That should never have happened. Neither should this.

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