Street Democracy on the Privatisation of Social Services for Vulnerable Children

The Guardian today ran a story about how the government is planning to privatise the social services dealing with children in care. The Guardian’s piece begins

The government is planning to allow outsourcing firms to bid for contracts to manage social services for vulnerable children in England – while dropping laws allowing the removal of companies that fail to do the job properly.

A number of firms have expressed an interest in proposals that would allow them to bid for contracts managing foster care and providing other services for children in care.

But Labour says the plans would take away legal provisions that allow councils to remove a firm that has failed to meet national minimum standards. They would also relax the rules governing independent inspections of services that place and monitor children who are looked after by the state.

The Guardian’s story can be read at

Street Democracy has also covered the story. Their comment on these proposals begins

Social services for vulnerable children in England to be privatised’ is most shocking and most disturbing. Private corporations ‘owning’ the most vulnerable of children. A private corporation that is unregulated and unchecked. A private corporation protected by Government and like ATOS will have its own rules, be completely untouchable and do most damage I fear to our children.

Private companies turning up at your door with a ‘private warrant’ to take your child away because of some piece of paper with a private corporation stamped on it ‘says so’. Private cars and private vans to transport our children away and from place to place. This is the stuff of nightmares and this is just the beginning.

The Street Democrat fears that this will lead to the virtual ownership of these children, and the corporate exploitation by firms with connections to the pharmaceutical industry, amongst others. These claims may sound extreme, but unfortunately I can see them being born out. Michael Moore, in his documentary Capitalism: A Love Story covered cases where a judge gave teenagers, who came up before him on only trivial charges, custodial sentence. Why? He was also involved in a private prison company. The result of this blatant conflict of interest was exploited children, no doubt scarred by their incarceration. If the above goes ahead, something similar will definitely go ahead amongst Britain’s care children. The full article at Street Democracy is here:

As one of the companies that may be allowed to bid is Serco, now in the news for massively overcharging the taxpayer for its service, this is a monstrous scandal waiting to happen.

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