Another Outrage: Local Health Authorities Tells Benefit Claimants Doctors too Overworked to See Them

This story comes from the Void. The Bro Taf Local Medical Committee representing doctors in the Cardiff area has written to its GPs telling them not to see claimants, who wish to have a medical examination for the Atos assessment. The Medical Committee object to these examinations, as they have not been contracted for and are not funded. They see it as an intrusion on the doctors’ proper medical workload. The article begins

The Bro Taf Local Medical Committee which represents doctors in and around Cardiff has written to GPs asking them not to help claimants who need medical evidence for benefit problems.

The LMC claim that providing this vital medical evidence for people facing the notorious ATOS work capability assessments is impacting on GP’s workloads.

Most people might have thought that a GP’s workload would include helping sick or disabled people stay alive by ensuring they are not wrongly assessed and thrown off benefits where they could then face workfare on a Groundwork or Conservation Volunteer chain gang.

However the Bro Taf LMC are unrepentant and even seem to be trying to make doctors feel guilty for supporting their patients. The letter states: “GPs need to have a consistent approach to this issue and colleagues who do this work make it more difficult for others to resist and it spreads the belief with patients and local authorities that GPs are happy to take on this non contracted and unfunded work.”

The piece shows the increasing marginalisation and disenfranchisement of Benefit claimants and the disabled targeted by Atos. We really do seem to be heading with the Tories back to the principle of ‘less eligibility’ under the Tories, in which life was deliberately made as hard as possible for the poor so to dissuade them from going on welfare.

The full piece can be read here:

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3 Responses to “Another Outrage: Local Health Authorities Tells Benefit Claimants Doctors too Overworked to See Them”

  1. Depressionbloggers Says:

    This is so painful to read. When my depressed husband was unable to work for a prolonged period – years – I struggled through the ugly and obstructionist process of trying to get benefits for him in the U.S. (reference my post at )
    Thank you for bringing such travesty to light. -Amy

  2. Sonophos Says:

    Is this a refusal to comply with the DWP system an attempt to break it as quickly as possible? I would remind you that your medical file is your personal data and you have a right to request a complete copy. Pay the £10 admin charge and demand your full records under the Data Protection act then dump your life history on the DWP’s desk as medical evidence.

  3. rainbowwarriorlizzie Says:


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