Another Angry Voice on the Privatisation of the Blood Service

The Angry Yorkshireman has more on the sale of the NHS blood plasma service to US private Equity firm, Bain. As with everything the Angry One writes, it’s well worth reading. It begins

On July 18th 2013 another part of the NHS was flogged off to the private sector with barely a whisper from the mainstream press. The lucky recipient of Plasma Resources UK was Bain Capital, a gigantic US based private equity fund that should be familiar to anyone that paid attention to the US presidential election in 2012.

The Republican candidate Mitt Romney was repeatedly slammed for his involvement in Bain Capital, because of their appalling record of hostile takeovers, leveraged buyouts (borrowing vast sums in order to buy a company, then lumbering the company itself with the debt used to fund their own buyout), asset stripping, tax-dodging and exportation of American jobs to China.

Plasma Resources UK is responsible for the vital supply of blood plasma to the NHS and all of their blood products are made from blood donations that are given for free, by the public. Bain Capital have now inserted themselves into the “blood market” and will use these charitable donations of blood in order to turn a profit for themselves. I’m fairly sure you don’t have to be as left-wing as me to be appalled at the idea of a ruthless US based financial behemoth cashing in on charitable blood donations in order to turn themselves a profit.

What is interesting here is the details about just how ruthless and amoral Bain is, and it’s connection to the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. It just seems to corroborate the Republicans’ and British Conservatives’ preference for the most immoral business partners.

AAV’s full story can be read here:

On a side issue, the use of plasma in blood transfusions is an interesting area of Black History. It was pioneered during the Second World War by a Black American doctor, who came over to Britain. It’s one of the scientific and engineering discoveries by Black people catalogued in the Book, Black Pioneers of Science and Invention, if I remember the title correctly.

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2 Responses to “Another Angry Voice on the Privatisation of the Blood Service”

  1. bjhayward Says:

    An AMERICAN equity firm? I’m having nightmarish visions of the Canadian Red Cross tainted blood scandal, where blood transfusions seriously harmed (and if I recall correctly led to the deaths) of many. Some of the blood collected was obtained from the U.S. prison system… complete with such pathogens as Hepatitis and HIV… talk about “blood money”.

  2. rainbowwarriorlizzie Says:


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