Another Angry Voice on Tory Hypocrisy over Funding

The Left-wing political blog, Another Angry Voice (see the Links) has this piece dissecting the Tories’ hypocrisy over the funding of the Labour Party. They denounce Labour for being funded by the trade unions, while their own party receives lavish donations from corporations and some extremely rich – and dodgy – individuals.

The Angry One begins his piece

Who could ever forget the sight of a grotesquely hypocritical David Cameron working himself up into a fit of faux outrage at the fact that the Labour party are mainly funded by the trade unions. There was a man who knows damn well that his own political party is almost entirely funded through vast donations from the wealthy and privileged (many of them “rogues” to put it mildly), ranting on about the fact that the Labour party are funded through small donations from millions of working people.

Cameron knows exactly where the vast majority of Tory donations come from, because he gladly prostitutes himself out to the wealthy like some kind of podgy, shiny faced, middle aged male escort, “having dinner” or “attending drinks receptions” with anyone willing to stump up a few hundred grand in order to attempt to buy some influence.

How could anyone that pays the scantest regard to politics be able to forget that the Tory party treasurer Peter Cruddas was forced to resign in March 2012 after being covertly filmed bragging that a “Premier League” donation of £200,000 to £250,000 would buy direct access to David Cameron and George Osborne, and that all feedback from such meetings would be put directly to the number 10 policy committee?

It is worth noting that, despite the Cruddas “cash for influence scandal”, the Conservative party website still hawks access to David Cameron and other senior Tory figures for cash, with the highest levels of access (“dinners, post-PMQ lunches, drinks receptions, election result events and important campaign launches”) available for a £50,000 fee. The following link contains a list of some of the people and organisations to have recently stumped up fifty grand in order to rub shoulders with the Tory hierarchy – Conservative Leader’s Group members 2013.

It seems that at least some of the public are able to see through Cameron’s ersatz outrage over party funding, since Labour have actually extended their lead in the polls since Cameron scored the PR own goal of focusing attention political donations, yet another appalling PR blunder for someone whose only private sector experience was a stint as a PR man for Carlton TV (a job which was arranged for him by his mother-in-law).

In my view there is still nothing like sufficient mainstream media coverage of the tiny cabal of super-rich donors that have bought such extraordinary access to the Tory top brass, so I’m going to profile a few of these people, in the hope that this article might get shared around a bit.

He then proceeds to name some of the Conservative party’s leading donors. The piece can be read here:

This is interesting, but such contributions are possibly only part of the funding the Tory party receives. The parapolitics magazine, Lobster, has published a number of pieces on the funding of the Conservative Party by a Lib-Dem MP. This was when the Lib-Dems still had some integrity. They found that the sources of income the Conservative Party actually declared constituted only about a half of the amount they received. In short, about half of their funding is concealed, which suggests that it’s very, very dodgy indeed.

It’s about time the Tories’ sources were put under some real, searching journalistic scrutiny.

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