The Genesis Enigma in the Daily Mail

Today’s Daily Mail has a review of a new book by a British scientist, Professor Andrew Parker, The Genesis Enigma, that considers that the book of Genesis in the Bible accurately describes the history of the evolution of life on Earth from the Big Bang and the emergence of life and its sudden flourishing during the Cambrian Explosion, when a multitude of bizarre and fascinating forms suddenly appear in the fossil record. Professor Parker came to this theory when looking at the Sistine Chapel and the way the great events of the Bible was depicted there by Michelangelo. Professor Parker is definitely a supporter of Evolution, and states in the article that he really doesn’t want his book to be used to support a strict, seven day interpretation of the Creation of the world, or to attack the theory of evolution itself. However, he believes that the ancient Israelites could only have come by their incredibly detailed knowledge of the progress of evolution either through guesswork or by divine revelation. He considers that it is extremely unlikely that they did so by guessing, and so they had to have obtained their knowledge through revelation by the Almighty. The writer of the article, Christopher Hart, doesn’t believe that was the case, but instead considers that the writers of the Bible came to their knowledge through an observation and awareness of the nature of the world around them.

I have to say I’m not convinced by the argument. There are real problems with it, such as the argument that the description of the creation of the sun and moon after the separation of light and darkness doesn’t refer to the creation of those celestial objects, but the emergence of vision in animals. The Jewish American biologist and bioethicist, Leon R. Kass, in his book on Genesis, The Beginning of Wisdom: Reading Genesis, argues that the account of the creation of the universe and its multitude of creatures doesn’t refer to a historical process, but represents a philosophical scheme of the noetic order of the cosmos, in which objects and creatures are ordered according to whether they possessed a mind or soul, considered as the principle of movement. It’s an approach very similar to that of Thomas Aquinas, who believed that the entire universe had been created simultaneously, and that the account of the process of creation according to various days in Genesis was an account of the philosophical order of creation.

Nevertheless, it’s a fascinating article. If you want to look at it, it’s at:

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2 Responses to “The Genesis Enigma in the Daily Mail”

  1. feyd Says:

    A most enjoyable set of posts and comments Beast, great to see you back for some seroious blogging!

    Another example of Gods knowledge that would have a negligible chance of being written by chance or guess work is from Revelation 21. The 12 gemstones God choose for the Heavenly City can seem by human standards to be an odd choice, with the most precious gems like diamond, ruby and opal missing – their place taken by semi precious stone.

    It wasnt until the late 1970s that advanced lasers were available to generate polarized light of sufficient purity to properly probe the qualities of these stones. Scientists found that in pure light the Gems God choose sparkle and become radiantly beautiful, whereas gems like diamond, opal and ruby are dull and lacklustre . Its thought the pure light now available from modern lasers may in some ways be similar to the pure light that will radiate from Christ when he illuminates heaven in lieu of a Sun (Rev 21:23)

    I heard about it first from David Pawson, it doesnt seem to have received much attention on the web for some reason, though theres a section about it here :

  2. Tom O'Malley Says:

    I much prefer Dr. Hugh Ross’ treatment of the Genesis Creation Accounts… and not just because I read the audio book version.

    If you’re unfamiliar with A Matter of Days, Dr Ross is an astronomer who has a much simpler and logical take on Genesis than embracing an allegorical reading of the text to support evolution.

    All interesting stuff though. And exciting to think that science, faced with a creation time-scale incompatible with purely random mutation to create even ONE simple life form (much less the incredible speciation witnessed on earth), must now reconsider the possibility that an outside influence initiated (at least) the process and more likely controlled the whole shebang… so to speak :^)

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